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[New]Dragon Awaken Halloween Event: Monsters and Candies!



Trick or Treat! Halloween is coming and from October 27th to November 1st there will be a lot of events to celebrate in Dragon Awaken. A new Halloween map, new costumes, and special Halloween themed events with great rewards!

Recruit Monsters to collect Candies
From October 27th to November 1st, all players with Lv. 10 + can join this event.
Players will be able to recruit up to 4 monsters at the same time using ambers or diamonds. The monsters will help you for 3 days, producing different kinds of candy at 10:00 and 22:00 every day. Candies can be sold to obtain Diamonds or to recruit more monsters! 

Halloween Map and Costumes
Dragon Awaken will change his theme for a while to celebrate Halloween. Cloud City will be decorated with pumpkin lanterns and spooky decorations! Also, a new Fashion set will be available so you can wear your Halloween costume and go trick or treating.
Halloween Bonus 
During Halloween, players will obtain a login bonus every day! Also, don’t miss any posts on the official Dragon Awaken Facebook page, because there will be extra events to win more rewards and goodies.

The Halloween Event for the Portuguese and Spanish editions will be available from October 28th to November 2nd. Let’s celebrate Halloween in Dragon Awaken!

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