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[New]Dragon Awaken Christmas Update: Celebrate Christmas with Dragons!



After being recommended by Facebook game sidebar in November, several new features will arrive to Dragon Awaken on December 19th. The Holy City is fully decorated for the new Christmas Bonus, Christmas fashion items, the new Hero enhancement system and Christmas events coming soon!

Christmas Bonus
Log in everyday from December 23rd to 28th to receive Stamina Scrolls, Santa Claus Icon Cards, Merry Christmas Title Cards and the event item Christmas Fruit. A Christmas Fruit can be exchanged for 10 Christmas Stockings. And Christmas Stockings can be used to exchange for Christmas Fashions, Title Cards, Mounts, Relics and rare items! The World Boss and the PvP events will also reward the players with Christmas Stockings.
Christmas Map, NPC and fashions
The Holy City features new Christmas decorations! Also, a special NPC dressed as Santa Claus will appear in Holy City from December 23rd to December 28th. If the players talk with the NPC, they will be able to receive random rewards like Diamonds, Gold, EXP Scrolls and Hero or Dragon enhancement items from him every day. 

New Christmas Fashion items are waiting for you to dress for the Christmas events. Moreover, the new Mount Holly Deer is the perfect complement to your Christmas outfit! 

Dragon Christmas Cards
Dragon Awaken has prepared 6 different Dragon Christmas Cards for its players. All cards will be posted on Dragon Awaken’s Facebook Fan Page. The cards can also be printed to send Christmas greetings to friends and family! Besides, players can join Dragon Awaken Christmas Facebook Event from December 20th to December 26th. Just write a Facebook post to receive an in-game gift pack that includes Diamonds, Mount Stones and Mount Souls! For event details please check Dragon Awaken official Community on Facebook and follow the rules.

Hero Starnet System
Players can now unlock the Starnet System when they reach Lv. 48. Use Hero Recruitment Cards to upgrade the Hero Starnets and increase their stats or unlock new passive skills and make them even more powerful.

Time Chest
Players will be able to receive Time Chests after finishing all daily quests. Complete all quests and kill wild monsters to receive the Chests. Each Time Chest contains Mount Souls, Dragon Souls, Relic Souls, Armor Souls and other 30 materials, which are used to enhance equipment and increase the players’ battle ranking.

Create characters in the new servers and reach the rankings in 7 days to claim amazing rewards like Epic Weapons, Mounts, Fashion items and rare items. Join Dragon Awaken this Christmas!

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