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[New]Endless Adventure in Dragon Awaken Version 1.69


In June Dragon Awaken updated to version 1.69. This time, Dragon Awaken has prepared updates on the features that appeared on the last update 1.68, which offers new possibilities for the player to improve and get deeper into the world of fantasy.



Latest Features

Pet Equipment
The Pet System has been active for a while. For the players who have already own a pet in the game, with Pet Equipment they can make it more powerful. Pets can equip Collars, Tags and Claws, which cannot be enhanced, but are different in quality. Up to 3 Charms can be socketed into the pet’s Equipment, which is similar to the Gem System. Charms have different qualities and they can be recycled to Charm Essence to level up other charms up to Level 60.

Fight for Love
For many of the Dragon Masters, the adventure in Dragon Awaken is not a lonely journey. The Marriage system has been open for a long time now and we believe it’s time to step it up.  In version 1.69 players can fight side by side with their partner in an exclusive Arena. Now players can also upgrade their Wedding Ring by consuming certain items, this will improve certain Stats, Skills or Skill Levels. There’s some new Skills exclusive to this new feature. These Stats and Skills can only progress during Marriage. Remember that players can marry anyone, even if it’s a giant purple robot!

Fiend’s Ring System
After reaching the Ultimate Level 2, players can not only unlock the Flag System, but also the Fiend’s Ring System. It can increase the stats of all combat units, and it can be upgraded using Fiend’s Ring Upgrading Stones, which can be collected in its own Dungeon, to unlock new skills. The Fiend’s Ring will unlock up to 3 equipment slots along with ring upgrades. 

The Adventure in Dragon Awaken never ends. New challenges are waiting for brave players.

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