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[New]Community GM Recruitment Notice


Dear players, thank you for supporting the game very much! In order to improve the community and to provide a better gaming experience, we have decided to implement the Community GM project. We are sure your participation will help to shape a better Dragon Awaken community. The detailed rules and regulations are as follows.

1. Responsibilities
1.Report game rules violations, including but not only restricted to players using bug for their own benefit and abusive language.
2.Report the bugs of the server’s and events’ in time.
3.Provide suggestions from the community.
4.Answer player's questions with patience and empathy.
5.Provide game guides like tips and strategies.
2. Community GM Rules
1.You can't interfere in the gameplay of other players.
2.You can't obtain other players' personal detail by making use of this privilege
3.You can't affect other players' choice by any means.
4.You can't be biased.
5.Note: Violating any kind of rules will cause the removal of the Community GM list including other Privileges and Titles, also unavailability of being rewarded for the month. Penalties will change based on the degree of the offence. We also welcome players to monitor the Community GM's actions.

At the beginning, we just selected two players to be the community GM. And if it goes smoothly, we would make an open recruitment and everyone has the chance to become a GM! The list of community GM is as follows. 
S18  Snorlax
S123  Lynax