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[New]Awaken Your Dragon in New Version 2.10


Wings Soul System

The Wings Soul System includes the interfaces Trait and Wings Soul. In Trait, players can upgrade their power and choose between Justice or Chaos. Use Pure Origin to upgrade Justice and Filth Origin to upgrade Chaos. The corresponding skill will be activated when 7 Traits are the same type and reach the maximum level. Unlock the new skill to deal extra DMG to the Boss, which have the opposite Trait in Multi-Dungeon - Eternal Battlefield. As for Wings Soul, use Sacred Spirit to upgrade Wings Soul and greatly improve the Stats.

Eternal Battlefield
Players will be divided in two teams in this new dungeon. At the first stage of the dungeon, players will need to defeat their enemies and protect their base. In the second stage, it will be time to attack the enemy base. Win to receive Class EXP and Class Equipment.

Lucky Tree
There are 10 packs on the Lucky Tree. Claiming all the packs will upgrade the Lucky Tree and 10 new packs will appear. The Lucky Tree’s level limit is Lv. 10, there are 100 packs in total. The packs will contain a random Lucky Number. At the end of the day a lottery will choose the winning Lucky Number. If the player has it, they will receive rewards.

Lucky Lottery
Players can buy packs to receive numbers from 1 to 100. With each pack a player buys, the numbers will be different. Players can buy up to 100 packs a day. The Lucky Number for the Lucky Lottery will be released at 22:00 every day. If players have the number, they will receive rewards.

Infinite War
When Infinite War starts, players can enter the room to be matched with opponents directly, no need to sign up. Each war has 100 players. 
In this strategic battle, the Bases will summon minions to attack the enemy Outposts and Base. Players need to defend themselves and attack the minions and enemy Outposts to win. The Bosses will be refreshed automatically. The Base will summon elite monsters after the Boss is defeated. 
Players can use Points to improve their Outposts’ and Base’s Durability. To obtain Points players must defeat enemies or enemy Outposts. Points can also be used to upgrade the Base’s Tech to boost the ATK, DEF and HP of the Base and increase the minions’ ATK and HP and Outposts’ Durability. 
Destroy the enemy Base to win and receive King Crests and Limited Mounts.

Mount Equitation
Mount Speed and Mount Mood are the main features of this new Mount gameplay. Both are shared by all the player’s Mounts.
Mount Feeding Material will upgrade the Mount’s Equitation Level, change the Mount’s Mood and improve Mount Stats. Upgrading Equitation to the required level can also activate a new Mount Skill. 
Use food to interact with your Mounts and change their mood. There are free chances to interact with your Mount every day.