To express our gratitude to the players who have offered great support to Dragon Awaken, the Dragon Awaken Operations Team forms a Dragon Awaken elite player club to provide members with quality services that they have never enjoyed before.

Exclusive privileges elite club members will enjoy

1.One to one communication: They can talk about basically anything they want to with customer service representatives. The representatives will try their best to help.

2.More efficient problem solving: Whenever there is a problem in-game, elite club members will get more efficient help. One to one customer service representatives will work with the related departments to help and be there all the way through the problem.

3.Priority access to Dragon Awaken information: Elite club members will be the first to get information about game upgrade and promotion activities.

4.Your ideas and complaints: We will attach great importance to club members’ ideas and complaints about Dragon Awaken, which will go direct to officers and the development department.

5.Free gifts on holidays: we will send greetings and free gifts to elite club members on holidays.

How does establishing elite player club work?

We will evaluate all players and decide which are the best qualified players. Those selected will receive an invitation through in-game mail. (Remember to check your email on a regular basis.) Then they will need to follow the instructions in the mail, and befriend the assigned customer service representative on Skype. After we finish some routine work (like asking for character name and so on), they will get a gift pack.

1.Required information:
About the in-game character
Character name:

2.About player
Player’s real name:
Email address:


1.Players should be alert so as not to fall victims to frauds. Make sure the invitation mail is from the actual Dragon Awaken before you do anything. Dragon Awaken staff won't ask players for passwords, money or other improper things. (But we will need a screenshot and the title of the invitation mail as proof)

2.The elite club members will communicate with Dragon Awaken representatives through skype.

Dragon Awaken elite player club exclusive gift

Player who have successfully joined the elite player club will receive the gift within 3 workdays.