Mini-Client Tutorials

How to get the game to work:

Click YES if it asks for the update.

1. Wait for 1 min at least and the flash repair tool will open automatically and ask for admin rights. If it does not open automatically or it’s stuck on the loading resources page, click on Menu > Settings > Flash repair tool.

2. Click on YES to agree to open with admin rights.

3. It will ask to rewrite the file - click YES. (If it doesn’t, go to Point 7 of this guide.)

4. If a Continue button appears, click on it. (If it doesn’t, go to Point 7 of this guide.)

5. Close the DALight client and close any open IE browser windows.

6. Click on the Continue button.

7. A message must appear telling you it has Finished.

8. Reopen the APP (the shortcut should be on your desktop).

If on Point 7 of this guide something went wrong or you still can't get into the game, make a screenshot of the log and error message that will appear. Then click on Menu > Settings > bug Report.

Contact with WhiteRabbit on the Discord channel (URL can be seen in the pic on the right) or submit a ticket. Remember to always send screenshots and the log.liscrypt file.

While you are waiting for a reply, try to click on Menu >Settings > Change Version > Opera. Then log in the game and play. WhiteRabbit on Discord or the Customer Service on tickets will help you solve the issues with the main version.

PS. DALight client is for GameHollywood ProficientCity players only.