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[Event]Vote for the official name of the Dragon(Finalists Part II)


Here's the second part of the finalists.

11.Dragon Name:Violeta

Story: The legendary Dragon whose scales are like crystal gems, purple as a galaxy. She fights against the Dragon Slayers to defend her homeland and stop the extinction of her species. Her scales are so beautiful and shiny that many Dragon Slayers want them.

Submitted by Dragging S1

12. Dragon Name: Kraken

Story: Once upon a time there was an old woman named Luna that lived in a small village. One day she was working in field and she saw an egg and decided to take it home.

After few days a Dragon was born from that egg. At first the old woman was afraid of it, but soon she befriended it and kept it as her child. She named it Kraken.

Kraken grew up and became more dangerous for the village and its villagers. It learned how to breathe fire and burned the village by mistake. The old woman was afraid, but defended her child as she loved Kraken so much. Day after day Kraken became more powerful and the villagers started to complain.

Kraken decided to leave the old woman and the village forever because it didn’t want to hurt anybody.

Submitted by himel S1

13. Dragon Name: Pixie Crystal Dragon

Story: It is the player’s guide and best partner in battle. She's a dragon from the beautiful Crystal Cave and has unique beautiful feathers covering her tail.                                      

Submitted by Daniel.orr S2

14. Dragon Name: CELESTIA - Daughter of Light

Story: Born by the death of a fallen star, she roams the sky in search of her hero. 

Will you be the one to capture her heart?

Submitted by KALI S2

15.Dragon Name: Lumina

Story: In the darkest time of the planet, the mighty dragons gave birth to Lumina, a unique white dragon. It was significantly stronger than the average dragon and tried to fight the dark. After fighting for years, Lumina became the leader of justice, settling the equilibrium between good and evil. 

Submitted by Fazor S1

16.Dragon Name: Amethyst Fury Dragon

Story: Once upon a time there was a miner called Alexander. One day, while working in the mine, he found an egg, purple and shiny like an amethyst. He took the egg to his home, and when it hatched there was a little dragon inside. He named it Amethyst Fury dragon. Alexander tamed the dragon and trained it to be stronger.

Submitted by Selena-Barker S2



17.Dragon Name: Starlight


Story: In the dark cold nights, the divine dragons rise into the sky and spread their wings to draw their power from the moon and stars. Their healing abilities and mystical power bring hope to their allies.


Submitted by RavenSkull S2

18.Dragon Name: Celeste

Story: An Evil Dragon appeared and the only way to beat it is to find the Holy Dragon. That dragon is Celeste, which damages enemies and heals her allies with her sacred power.

Submitted by dgeneratio S1

19. Dragon Name: Lady Bella

Story: Lady Bella 

Lady Bella is an ancient high dragon. She has white scales which can resist most physical attacks. Bella is a high cleric among the dragons, with great magical power and knowledge. 

If attacked, Bella will use her skill Aura of Fear to make her enemies panic. And then she will use her draconic breath to finish the battle. She can heal herself or her allies with her sacred abilities.

Submitted by  King S1

20. Dragon Name: Gemwing

Story: It was once a gem, but a wizard gave it life and transformed it into a powerful dragon.

Submitted by Apostasia S1

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