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[Event]Vote for the official name of the Dragon(Finalists Part I)


Thanks to our awesome players, we have collected hundreds of names for the little white dragon in the Dragon Naming Event. Finally, the Dragon Awaken Community selected 20 of them to be voted!

We are happy to present you the finalists and their stories:

1. Dragon Name: Garona

Story: I used to be a human girl but I can’t recall my name since I turned into a dragon. I was considered a sacred dragon in a distant kingdom, humans were offered to me as sacrifices. After eating a human I would acquire their magic. 

I’m an Earth Dragon, a kind of dragon that for generations has formed alliances with humans of distant lands, helping them in the battle. But I don’t care about any of that anymore, I just want to live in peace.

However, my past as a sacred dragon made the humans fear me. Tired of battling those who came to kill me, I decided to help humans achieve peace. And now I serve in the castle, where plenty of tasty humans live. 

Submitted by Boss S1

2. Dragon Name: Gwyn

Story: She's white as snow and was born with purple hair. But then she was cursed and turned into a dragon at a young age. After turning into a dragon, she couldn't control her power. She's waiting for someone to save her from the curse.

Submitted by Zavier S1

3. Dragon Name: Luminensce

Story: This dragon was left alone after its mother died in a battle against an evil adversary. It roamed the lands alone until it found a cave and slept for a millennia. 

When it woke up, the dragon met a warrior called the Dragon Master and bowed to aid the chosen one to defeat evil. This dragon fights for a world where no child will lose their mother ever again.

Submitted by AshArdente S1

4. Dragon Name: Weisslogia

Story: Weisslogia is a light-scaled, gigantic and bearded Dragon with feathery wings. She has two small antlers protruding from the top of his head. 

Weisslogia's underbelly is smooth, while the rest of her body is covered with thick scales. Its spine is adorned with a trail of soft hair, from head to tail. 

Submitted by VLAN S1

5. Dragon Name: Snow White

Story: Thousands of years ago, there were as many Snow Dragons as Fire Dragons. But one day, the sun failed to rise and the Snow Dragons vanished from the Earth. No one has seen a Snow Dragon since then. They are the deadly enemies of the Fire Dragons.


Submitted by Foose S1


6.Dragona Name:Whitepegasus

Story: Pegasus is the majestic flying horse found in Greek mythology. This creature is traditionally depicted as a pure white horse with wings. The father of Pegasus is said to be the god of the sea, Poseidon, whilst its mother was the Gorgon Medusa. 

Pegasus is best known for its association with the heroes Perseus and Bellerophon. 

In the story of Perseus’ slaying of Medusa, one can find the narration of Pegasus’ birth. This winged horse later became the mount of Bellerophon, and can be found in the stories about this hero’s exploits, including the slaying of the chimera, and his flight to Mount Olympus. 

Submitted by Teresa S1

7. Dragon Name: Crystalite 

Story: She comes from a magical place full of crystals of different colors that shine like diamonds, that’s why she’s called Crystalite.

Submitted by  xMellie S1

8. Dragon Name: Fuxie Light 

Story: She is a greedy monster with a taste for the best things! 

She has scales shinning like light. 

She brings death without mercy. 

She shrouds the land with darkness, dominating all.

Submitted by  Zayne S1

9. Dragon Name: Incontaminatus

Story: Evil has contaminated the world. Instead of peace and prosperity, confusion reigns and skepticism has fostered among the masses. The dragons are fighting, they can no longer decide for themselves as they are being corrupted by evil. 

But a special dragon was found by the Dragon Master. A dark aura seemed to surround it, and the Dragon Master decided to kill it. As he got closer, he realized something. The dragon was not consumed by the evil aura. Instead, it was the dragon the one who engulfed the darkness. And the dragon was not tainted, it was pure. 

The Dragon Master realized how important this dragon was and decided to befriend it. He named it Incontaminatus, for it was impossible to contaminated it with darkness.

Submitted by Sceer S2

10. Dragon Name: Ran Ryu

Story: This dragon is the God of orchids and uses the flower as a healing remedy.

Submitted by Adriel Avila S2

Ten other selected submissions are in the next news, check them out before making your choice!

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