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[News]Equip yourself with brand new items in Dragon Awaken 1.80


Dragon Awaken has been updated to version 1.80 in September. In this new version, players will find that they have more options and possibilities to upgrade their property and abilities, and they will feel more powerful than ever with the updated items in Dragon Awaken. A new opportunity to become the best Dragon Master!

Latest Features

Wings Awaken

Wings is one of the symbols of a Dragon Master, and they should never be overlooked when players trying to increase your Battle Rating. In version 1.80, a new system has opened. The Wings Awaken System helps players to further increase the power of their Wings. Each Awaken Ball corresponds to a Stat. Players will be able to Awaken their Wings once the Balls reach a certain level. What’s more, a new Wings Dungeon also opened to make easier to obtain Wings Essence and Soul Spinels, which is the best way to upgrade your Wings with ease! 

Genesis Champion

Ultimate level was launched in the game a few months ago. And it provides the players with new ways to develop and increase their abilities. Now, the players who have reached the ultimate level have a new system to compete for: Genesis Champion. One of the systems that provides the most powerful challenges. Players need to gather crown segments to upgrade and activate them by using iron stones. The crown can be improved, and when its stage reaches the required you will unlock your royal power. 
The crown segments and iron stones can be collected in the Relics of the Temple, in which players are required to find 4 Handbooks of Ritual Power to summon the final boss. But remember, there are lots of monsters and traps in the crypts!

Clan Level 

In Dragon Awaken, players are never alone in their adventure, and they can always find friends with same goal to fight together! The Clan is a safe place to meet other players. In the Clan, quests are used to accumulate funds and the leader can use them to upgrade the clan, create buildings and learning technologies that will help all the members of the clan. To maintain a Clan, a small portion of the funds will be deducted every day, and is a Clan doesn’t have funds the Clan will be downgraded or closed. 

Blood System

It is divided into Divine Dragon Blood and Hero Blood. Dragon Blood consumes Divine Dragon Crystals to train 4 series of attributes. Hero Blood consumes Soul Stones to train 7 series of attributes that can be evolved as well. Each hero is trained individually and you can make them born again with Amber. Dragon Crystal and Soul Stones can be found in the Multi-Dungeon Inferno.

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