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[News]Maintenance 5/21


Dear Masters,
To offer you a better game experience,the servers will be offline for maintenance 
from 00:30-02:30(server time), May 21st, 2019(PDT), lasting for 120 minutes.
Thanks for your understanding


System Optimization
-Timely Event Adjustment
Cross-server Arena: Saturday/Sunday 10:30
Dragon Mirage Realm: 15:30
World Boss Round 2: 19:00
Holy Blessing: 9:30
-Optimized Growth Contest Ranking.
-Now you can check the time in Dragon Catacombs and Battlefield Interface.

-New Loading Image (Poseidon)

Bug Fixed
-Fixed the display bug that made the Farm EXP message show in Chinese when there were only weeds and players used Quick Weed in farm.
-Fixed the display bug that made no message show when there was only one plant and players used Quick Weed in farm.
-Fixed the bug that made the Feature Interface show up before Immortals' Rest Battle ends.
-Now you don't need to flip in Immortals' Rest when battles end.
-Now you can upgrade Talent Level by upgrading each Talent.

-Now Daily Quest Timed Events are sorted in order.