3rd Anniversary & Patch 2.90
01 Energize
Rules:Energize it everyday to unlock rewards. Each player gets 1 chance per day, if you FB share it, you will get an extra chance.
Ask your friends to join and win more rewards. (Rewards will be sent in game, 3 working days after it is completed.)
Luck Pearl*5
Material Pack*50
Hunting Web*20
S Class Mount Card*1
02  Anniversary Updates
Rules:Let's have a look at the updates in Dragon Awaken in March.
New titles in Deity Covenant
New Hero
New Fashion
03 Anniversary Events
There are lots of Anniversary Events online in the game! Check this guide and don’t miss any of them.
(For the exact start time of each event, please stay tuned to our FB page.)
Log in game consecutively to receive abundant rewards!
Anniversary Bonus
Cross-Server Carnival
Demon Stalker
Anniversary Cart
Facebook Events
Dragon Awaken - Razer Lucky Draw
Rules:Recharge by Razer from March 1st, 0:00 pst to April 1st, 0:00 pdt, you will be automatically regarded as participating in this special lucky draw. The winner will be ramdomly selected by Razer on April 1st and winner list will be annouced on both our official website and fan page. (All rewards in this event will be provided by Razer Gold.)
In game rewards lucky draw
Condition Rewards winners
Recharge any amount by Razer A Class Mount Card x1 20
Recharge $100 or more by Razer Amber x10000 10
Recharge $300 or more by Razer Ancient Heart x1 5
Razer Products lucky draw
Condition Rewards winners
Recharge $10 or more by Razer Razer Blackwidow 1
Razer Deathadder V2 2
Razer Kraken 2
Razer Rogue 3.3 Backpack V2 2
Energized successfully!
Share to Facebook to get an extra chance.
Energized successfully!
You can energize again tomorrow.