Dragon Awaken HTML5 Milestone Map
1. All-server rewards will be sent when a new milestone is reached.
2. Dragon Awaken HTML5 is expected to be launched after the 5th-anniversary celebration.
The most casual are of Dragon Awaken. Do you know what’s on it? If you play every day to Dragon Awaken you’ll remember for sure:

1. Castle: Gold can be obtained here. Don’t forget to increase your Castle’s level to generate more Gold!

2. Dragon Catacombs: Here you will find treasures and ore. Explore the catacombs and find all the thieves hidden inside it to take their Gold.

3. Gem Blitz: Move colorful gems and create lines of the same color to solve the puzzle! You will be able to obtain Gems and socket them in your equipment.

4. Enchanted Garden: Roll the dice and explore to unlock rewards!
Enchanted Garden
5. Mission: Assign your Heroes to complete missions. They will automatically take home anything they find.

6. Pet Trip: Send your Pets into an adventure, they will find lots of reward in their path.

7. Farm: Do you enjoy the farming life? Plant crops and harvest incredible items.

8. Altar: Make a wish at the altar, maybe you’ll receive something in return.

9. Friends: They can help you take care of your crops… or choose to rob them!

10. Plunder: If you want to avoid being plundered, invest in Guardian. You will be free from thieves!
Here are some anecdotes from our favorite heroes:
Did you know Commander Shana recommended herself as the first to be recruited?
Amaranth is the most popular hero in the Tavern, she is incredibly funny!
No one is allowed to bring their own drinks into the Tavern, unless you are the Drunk Panda.
drunk panda
The Lava Fiend looks a little bit scary, so he has a hard time making friends. But everyone wants to sit beside him in the winter!
Fried octopus is one of the most popular dishes in the Tavern, it makes Captain Octopus a little bit anxious.
There are 6 legendary dragons in the world of Dragon Awaken: Inferno Dragon, Rock Whelp, Tornado Dragon, Frost Whelp, Garona and Dark Whelp. Each one of them has its own skills. To boost your team’s power, remember to upgrade your dragons in the Spirit system, Evolve system, Dragon’s Heart, Dragon Essence and the Fame system. And, of course, make them possess the right heroes.

When your dragons reach Lv. 80… you will find out their real appearance.
Did you know if you owned all the Wings available in Dragon Awaken, you could wear a different pair of Wings every day for 3 months? Wings are a great way to customize your appearance and to boost your BR.
Wings Appearance
There are nearly 200 Mounts available in Dragon Awaken. And they keep on coming! If you own a big mount, please be careful and don’t create a traffic jam!
Mount Soul
In the Blacksmith you can improve your equipment. You can use different methods: Enhance, Socket, Enchant, Refine and Train. If there be any items you need to synthesize or recycled, you can also bring them here. The Blacksmith is an amazing tool to improve your BR.
Dungeons are the key to improve your skills and advance in your journey. There are different Dungeons to explore, including the Materials Dungeon, the Trial Dungeon and the Multi-player Dungeon. Clear them to collect useful items and try to play alongside your friends to defeat the most powerful Bosses.

Dragon Awaken is returning with its HTML5 version. Take this chance to relive the adventure with your friends again.
Material Dungeon