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[News][Win10]MG Store: Solutions for Flash Games Cannot Log in


Method 1:

You can adjust the system time to the time before January 12, 2021 to log in to the game! The following are the detailed steps

Step 1: Open the system settings and enter the time and language interface

Step 2 : Turn off Set the time automatically , click the change button

Step 3 : Set the time to before January 12, 2021 (for example, the 10th). And click change

Step 4 : After the time is adjusted, open the game to log in normally

Method 2:

Install the latest version of Flash

Step 1: Download the latest Flash version: click to download

This Flash version has been tested by Miracle Games, please feel free to download

Step 2:After the download is complete, open the file and click Start to Install

Notice: When installing, do not agree Join User Experience Improvement Plan to avoid a lot of trouble.

Step 3:After the installation is complete, we can open the game and enter the game normally.

If you have game questions, please contact us in time:


Discord:Miracle Games#6921