Check-In Rewards, 4x GHG Points and Much More in the Dragon Awaken 6th Anniversary Event

Dragon Awaken, the hugely popular browser gaming brand, is about to turn six.

As is customary around these parts, the game is celebrating this major milestone with a massive 6th Anniversary event, packed with exclusive gameplay features and a ton of juicy rewards.

Set to run from March 1st until March 5th, the event will feature daily check-in rewards, a matching game, a wheel of fortune, and much more.

If you’re a member of the increasingly active Dragon Awaken community, this is your chance to cash-in big time. And if you’re not already a player, this might be a good time to start.

The Dragon Awaken 6th Anniversary Celebration is so massive that it even has its own subtitle: The Return of the Glory. Here’s what it contains.

First up, there’s the daily check-in. To take part in this one, all you need to do is show up once a day between March 1st and March 5th and claim your rewards.

Then there’s the Flip & Match event, which sees you clicking on blank cards to turn them over. Whenever you flip two matching cards in a row they’ll disappear from the board.

The goal is to clear the board in as few moves as possible to win Diamonds, Gold, and other rewards.

Next, the Anniversary Wheel. This is a straight-up wheel of fortune that you can spin once a day for a chance to win a variety of different prizes.

Oh, and you can score yourself a spin on a second inner wheel every day by following the Dragon Awaken Facebook Page and recharging any amount.

There are limited-time Gift Packs on offer, too. You can exchange 20,000 points for an Anniversary Exclusive Pack worth $200 at the Gift Pack Shop.

We’re still not done.

Throughout the Dragon Awaken 6th Anniversary event you’ll earn double GHG Points whenever you recharge. On top of that, you’ll get double GHG Points for recharging your GHG Coins, meaning you can earn quadruple points throughout the event.

Finally, there’s a range of events on Facebook and Discord. Just answer questions like “who is your pre-destined hero?”, “how do you dress up in the game?”, and “what’s your favorite pet?” to win even more sweet, sweet prizes.

You’ve only got a few days to take advantage of the Dragon Awaken 6th Anniversary event, so we suggest you head to Game Hollywood Games and start playing right now.

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